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BETTER MAN by Interceuticals

BETTER MAN by Interceuticals


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BetterMAN is a clinically tested, proprietary blend of 18 pure and all natural Chinese herbs that provides three unique benefits to men of all ages. BetterMAN helps men to

  • Reduce urinary frequency and promotes prostate health.
  • Reduce urinary urgency and increase bladder control.
  • Increase sexual desire, stamina and performance.

BetterMAN delivers these benefits by improving blood circulation, modulating hormone balancing and neuromuscular functions based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theories.  

BetterMAN is a proprietary blend of 18 pure, natural Chinese herbs. The botanical name of each herb is listed below, followed by its more common name and the key related functions based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). BetterMAN is manufactured in the USA under the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) with no heavy metal contamination.

Radix ginseng (ginseng root): improves whole body vital energy and blood circulation.  

Rhizoma dioscoreae (yam rhizomes): improves the yang function of the kidney.

Radix paeoniae alba (white peony root): improves immune function and blood circulation.

Herba epimedii (aerial parts of epimedium): improves muscle strength and sexual function.

 Cornu cervi pantotrichum (deer antler velvet): improves overall metabolism and blood circulation.

 Radix astragali (astragalus root): improves immune system and stamina.

 Poria cocos (poria fungus): provides tranquilizing effects, strengthens yang function.

Radix morindae officinalis (morinda root): strengthens muscle and bone function, enhances endocrine system function.

Fructus corni (cornus fruit): improves yang function of the kidney.

Cortex eucommiac (wood cotton bark): strengthens muscle and bone function; modulates peripheral blood vessel function.

Radix angelicae sinensis (dong quai root): improves blood circulation.

Fructus lycii (wolfberry fruit): improves immune system function and the yin function of the kidney.

Radix rehmanniae (rehmannia root): improves immune system function and the yin function of the kidney.

Rhizoma chuanxiong (szechuan Lovage root): improves blood circulation and dilates peripheral blood vessels.

Fructus schisandrae (schisandra fruit): improves yang function of the kidney.

Acanthopanax senticosus (siberian ginseng): provides tranquilizing effect and improves blood circulation.

Cynomorium songaricum rupr (fleshy stem of cynomorium): improves immune system and endocrine system.

Cortex cinnamomi (cinnamon bark): improves yang function of the kidney. 


40 Capsules

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