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Chicken Pox, Vari poxcella (vira, resi), Vibropathic™

Chicken Pox, Vari poxcella (vira, resi), Vibropathic™

kroeger-hanna's herb

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Usual precautions for avoidance of contagions help supplement a healthful lifestyle.


Sublingual administration. Unless otherwise directed by a health care professional, adults measure 15 to 30 drops (1/2 to 1 dropperful) and place directly under tongue, or dilute in 2 oz. distilled water (children 6 to 12 take half the adult dose). Take 3 times daily when mouth is in natural conditionÐat least 20 minutes before or after eating, brushing teeth, or drinking anything other than water. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep away from electronics, magnets, and aromatics.


Distilled water (80%) and grain alcohol (food grade, USP) **Electro magnetically attuned to a specific frequency, 6x potency.

Additional Dietary Information:

HPX Formula herbal combination.
Supply 2 Weeks
Form Liquid
Potency 6X
Size 1 oz.

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