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Seven Forest

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Lindera 15 by Seven Forests, also known as Li Qi Huo Xue Pian, disperses stagnant Qi and blood and relieves pain.

Lindera 15 contains additional herbs that treat blood stasis: leonurus, persica, carthamus, moutan, and red peony.

Chinese Symptomology: Abdominal Pain; Abdominal Masses

Western Symptomology: Amenorrhea or Other Menstrual Disorders Due to Stagnation; Post-Partum Disorders

Actions: Disperse Stagnant Qi and Blood; Relieve Pain

- Abdomen-Lumps
- Abdomen-Pain
- Supports normal menstruation
- Postpartum

Lindera 15 Ingredients: Lindera Root, Cyperus Rhizome, Melia, Aurantium Immaturus, Leonurus, Corydalis, Tangkuei, Achryanthes Root, Peony (Red), Moutan, Ligusticum, Cinnamon Bark, Carhtamus, Licorice.

Suggested Use: Take 2 to 3 tablets, 3 times a day or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Consult your healthcare practitioner prior to using this product.

Keep out of reach of children.

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