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Lower Palace Tablets

Lower Palace Tablets

Seven Forest

  • 3000

Lower Palace Tablets by Seven Forests, also known as Shao Fu Zhu Yu Pian, vitalizes blood, warms the abdomen and alleviates pain.

Lower Palace Tablets can be used for a wide range of abdominal disorders when there are indicators of cold (pale tongue, slow pulse, chilly feet, cold sensation in the abdomen) and blood stasis. The most common applications are for menstrual disorders, including menstrual cramping, irregular menstrual cycle (mainly a long cycle, which is another indicator of cold, or amenorrhea, an indicator of blood stasis) and masses on the reproductive organs.

Chinese Symptomology: Blood Stasis in the Abdomen: Menstrual Pain, Abdominal Lumps, and Injuries

Western Symptomology: Hernia

Actions: Vitalize Blood; Warm the Abdomen; Alleviate Pain

- Abdomen-Injury
- Abdomen-Lumps
- Supports normal menstruation

Lower Palace Tablets Ingredients: Bulrush, Yan Hu Suo, Corydalis, Artemisiae Anomalae, Cyperus Rhizome, Tangkuei, Peony (Red), Ligusticum, Fennel Fruit, Leonurus, Cinnamon Bark.

Suggested Use: Take 2 to 3 tablets, 3 times a day or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Consult your healthcare practitioner prior to using this product.

Keep out of reach of children.

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