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Silicea #12  6X 100 tabs

Silicea #12 6X 100 tabs


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By Hylands

Homeopathic. Relief of Skin Eruptions, Brittle Hair and Nails*

Silicea, a cleansing cell salt, helps the body eliminate the non-functional matter. For skin applications, Silicea provides temporary relief from pimples, blackheads, and blemishes associated with common acne. It is also a component of hair and nails, so it is a great remedy for brittle hair and nails. Tablets are flavorless and dissolve immediately without water for no upset stomach.*

One of the 12 Mineral Homeopathic Cell Salts

Cell salts satisfy mineral imbalances in the body by stimulating the body’s natural healing process. When your body lacks these important cell salts, you are more vulnerable to common health concerns. By replenishing them, your body is better prepared to treat illnesses and enjoy better overall wellness. Silicon dioxide, commonly known as quartz, is just as important to our skin and nails. Its structural make-up is for helping plant stems and trees to stand upright. Thus, cell salt, Silicea, helps the body expel or root out congestions and irritants, especially in weakened tissues or individuals.*

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