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My Beef with McDonalds…

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Recently, I saw a client that I have worked with for a few years on diet specifically. My associate has seen her for years regarding natural health.  This is a woman who has dieted for years but just cannot seem to grasp the full concept of eating healthy, unless she is on a clear diet with little cooking involved (i.e. packaged programs).   We have discussed her emotional connection with food and how it relates to decisions about food as well.  
So she comes into my office and wants some advice on how to eat because she gained 15 pounds since June.  As I am reviewing her daily diet habits, she relays to me that she has been eating at McDonalds almost every day at lunch. She usually got a small hamburger sometimes two. Or she got a small hamburger and a side salad. My client quickly saw my reaction, and said that she loves the convenience of driving down the road to McDs and she does not like eating alone.  She also does not like to cook.  (Stay tuned for my thoughts on why we don’t like to cook later) From there we discussed possibly better food choices while eating out at McD.  I would have loved to give her a full balanced diet with recipe ideas and healthier suggestions, but sometimes you have to meet a client where they are at.  Today my client was going to McDonalds and I could not force her to do differently.  I showed her that the salad options were better and if she used her own dressings.  The sodium content would be less in the salad with grilled chicken than the hamburger option.  I also went online and showed her how many calories were in the foods she was eating at McD, then I proceeded to try to say aloud the ingredients that were listed in the hamburger.  I failed at pronunciation, therefore most of the ingredients were probably a chemical compound and not nature made.  It is a known fact that if you cannot pronounce a food ingredient, your body cannot break it down either.  
After that, I explained an at home study that I heard about placing a McD hamburger on the kitchen counter for 3 weeks and seeing how it decomposes.  The studies say that the hamburger will look exactly the same with little decomposition.  Food is supposed to go bad if left on the counter for 3 weeks.  If natural air cannot breakdown the hamburger, do you think your stomach and your liver can break it down?
Basically what happens, is that your gastrointestinal tract tries to break down food sources into usable nutrients.  If the GI tract cannot do this because it does not recognize the ingredients i.e. food preservatives and food additives, it will then store the questionable food as fat.  This happens with all food that has preservatives and additives, not just McD food.  There are many issues I have with fast food joints however, this one came up in practice today.  
So here is my experiment. On January 26, 2016 I purchased a hamburger from McDonalds for $1.06 in Lebanon, PA.  I took a picture and I tried to get the date on my phone to compare in 3 weeks.  
I am going to let it sit in the bag unwrapped for 3 weeks and then see what happens as the weeks go by.
Day 1:
  Day 1 Burger             Day 1 Burger open
Day 21:
 Day 21 Burger             Day 21 Burger open
After three weeks, the hamburger looked like this.  On the surface it does not look that much different; maybe a little flatter in appearance.  It was all dried out and very hard, however there was NO MOLD.  Real food is supposed to grow mold. The air is supposed to break it down and allow bacteria and fungus to grow. Bacteria and fungus do not want to attempt to eat and breakdown this “food.”  My big question is, if three weeks cannot break this down do you think your digestive tract can break it down?  And if the digestive tract cannot break it down then where do you think it goes?
It's stored… as fat.  When our bodies cannot break down items that we eat, they are stored. With all of the chemicals that are placed into our commercially made food, it no wonder why we are a gaining nation.  Gaining not only in fat, but also in the number of chronic diseases.  
My challenge for you is to try this experiment yourself.  Allow your favorite fast food to sit in your kitchen exposed to air.  Then watch weekly to see how it has changed or lack of change.  This is a fun experiment.  Please feel free to post your comments and pictures below.  

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